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Since 1973

About us

A neighborhood place since 1973

Renaldi’s takes great pride in introducing for the first time in the United States Spingione’s™ Pizza. This pizza has been made for generations in Sicilian homes, yet never before has the recipe been reproduced by commercial establishments. Spingione’s™ means “light and fluffy” in Sicilian. You will find all our toppings are light in weight and the crust has a very fluffy texture. This special flavor and texture make Spingiones ™ very unique.

FRANK & THE FAMILY invite you to know an honest, and valued Pizzeria. For more than 45 years Frank has satisfied Chicago taste buds with good food, and a superb attitude. We serve good, wholesome, home-cooked meals. Old World Italian recipes are the secret of our success. We prepare all our meals with top grade ingredients: lean meat, fresh poultry, real 100% cheese, unbleached flour, absolutely nothing but the freshest tomatoes, green peppers, and pure vegetables. No sulfides, MSG, homogenized oils, substitutes, or fillers. Frank prides himself with a health-conscious menu to satisfy our customer’s nutritional needs… as well as their appetite.